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ACQDIV Database


What is ACQDIV [ˈækdɪv] Database?

The ACQDIV Database brings together 17 corpora of first language acquisition, representing 15 maximally diverse languages, in a formally and semantically standardized format. It contains video and audio recordings, transcribed speech, and linguistic annotations from these corpora. The database is created and maintained by the TTF DataScience of the NCCR and the UZH ACQDIV Lab, led by Prof. Sabine Stoll.

To learn more about the corpus’ linguistic design, its structure, and its technical realization, please read the corpus manual.

What for?

  • Studying typological diversity in language acquisition
  • Identifying universal cognitive processes that enable language acquisition
  • Investigating correlations between the acquisition of linguistic features and the surrounding environment
  • Which languages?

    Corpus Language Family Public
    Allen Inuktitut Corpus Inuktitut Eskimo-Aleut No
    Chintang Language Corpus Chintang Sino-Tibetan No
    Corpus of the Chisasibi Language Acquisition Study Cree Algic Yes
    Demuth Sesotho Corpus Sesotho Atlantic-Congo Yes
    Dëne Sųłıné Language Acquisition Study Dene Athabaskan-Eyak-Tlingit No
    English Manchester Corpus English Indo-European Yes
    MPI-EVA Manchester Corpus English Indo-European Yes
    Hellwig Qaqet Corpus Qaqet Baining No
    Koç University Longitudinal Language Development Database Turkish Turkic No
    MiiPro Japanese Corpus Japanese Japonic Yes
    Miyata Japanese Corpus Japanese Japonic Yes
    MPI-EVA Jakarta Child Language Database Indonesian Austronesian Yes
    Sarvasy Nungon Corpus Nungon Nuclear Trans New Guinea Yes
    Pfeiler Yucatec Child Language Corpus Yucatec Mayan No
    Stoll Russian Corpus Russian Indo-European No
    The Ku Waru Child Language Socialization Study (KWCLSS) Ku Waru Nuclear Trans New Guinea Yes
    Tuatschin Corpus Tuatschin Indo-European No

    How to get access?

    The ACQDIV database is not made fully publicly available because it contains sensitive data from unpublished subcorpora. The sub-database with the public corpora can be downloaded on Zenodo.

    Access to the ACQDIV database may be granted to researchers upon request to PI. You can access the textual database via API services.


    Sabine Stoll, Prof. Dr.

    Phone: +41 (0)44 63 40231