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What is VoCallBase?

The VoCallBase is a curated database of animal communication enriched with standardised vocal segment labels, built by the TTF DataScience. A human-in-the-loop system with machine learning models on the backend is developed to help efficiently create data annotations.

VoCallBase is your go-to database for comprehensive research on animal communication. Designed to unify data organization and documentation, VoCallBase supports seamless integration and robust analyses, making it easier than ever to study the evolution of communication systems, signal structures, and social behaviors across multiple species.

More information about the VoCallBase can be found on

Why VoCallBase?

VoCallBase is aimed at overcoming Challenges in Animal Communication Research. The exponential growth in data and diverse research methodologies have introduced significant challenges in data management and integration. VoCallBase addresses these challenges by offering a standardized schema that enhances dataset comparability and integration, enabling researchers to conduct comprehensive and collaborative studies.


  • Extensive Collections: Access a vast database of animal vocalizations across numerous species, complete with detailed metadata such as species, location, and recording environment.
  • Advanced Search: Utilize powerful search and filtering capabilities to quickly find the data you need.
  • Expert Annotation: Enhance data accuracy with a human-in-the-loop annotation framework that improves vocalization segmentation through expert input.
  • Integration with Tools: Seamlessly integrate VoCallBase with your existing research tools and platforms to streamline your workflow.
  • Robust Infrastructure: Benefit from scalable metadata storage with MongoDB, high-performance API endpoints with FastAPI, and secure, reliable audio hosting with Google Cloud Storage.

How to get access?

The database can be browsed via:

To get access to the API services, please contact the TTF DataScience at

The annotation interface is accessbile via


For questions about VoCallBase, please contact the TTF DataScience at