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Dataset Index

The NCCR Evolving Language offers the following datasets as open source downloads:

Proix, T., Delgado Saa, J., Christen, A., Martin, S., Pasley, B. N., Knight, R. T., … Giraud, A.-L. (2022). Imagined speech can be decoded from low- and cross-frequency intracranial EEG features.
Pasqualotto, A., Altarelli, I., De Angeli, A., Menestrina, Z., Bavelier, D., & Venuti, P. (2022). Enhancing reading skills through a video game mixing action mechanics and cognitive training.
Mansfield, J., Saldana, C., Hurst, P., Nordlinger, R., Stoll, S., Bickel, B., & Perfors, A. (2022). Category Clustering and Morphological Learning. Retrieved from
Egurtzegi, A., Blasi, D. E., Bornkessel-Schlesewsky, I., Laka, I., Meyer, M., Bickel, B., & Sauppe, S. (2022). Cross-linguistic differences in case marking shape neural power dynamics and gaze behavior during sentence planning. Retrieved from
de Vevey, M., Bouchard, A., Soldati, A., & Zuberbühler, K. (2022). Thermal imaging reveals audience-dependent effects during cooperation and competition in wild chimpanzees.
Bouchard, A., & Zuberbühler, K. (2022). An intentional cohesion call in male chimpanzees of Budongo Forest. Retrieved from
You, G., Daum, M., & Stoll, S. (2021). Processing Causatives in First Language Acquisition: A Computational Approach. Retrieved from
You, G., Bickel, B., Daum, M. M., & Stoll, S. (2021). Child-directed speech is optimized for syntax-free semantic inference. Retrieved from
Sauppe, S., Choudhary, K. K., Giroud, N., Blasi, D. E., Norcliffe, E., Bhattamishra, S., … Bickel, B. (2021). Neural signatures of syntactic variation in speech planning. Retrieved from
Wirsich, J., Jorge, J., Iannotti, G. R., Shamshiri, E. A., Grouiller, F., Abreu, R., … Vulliémoz, S. (2021). The relationship between EEG and fMRI connectomes is reproducible across simultaneous EEG-fMRI studies from 1.5T to 7T. The 64Ch-1.5T raw data is publicly available at The other raw data will be made available by request to SV (256Ch-3T), ALG (64Ch-3T) and JJ (64Ch-7T).
Ranacher, P., Neureiter, N., van Gijn, R., Sonnenhauser, B., Escher, A., Weibel, R., … Bickel, B. (2021). Contact-tracing in cultural evolution: a Bayesian mixture model to detect geographic areas of language contact. Retrieved from
Neureiter, N., Ranacher, P., van Gijn, R., Bickel, B., & Weibel, R. (2021). Can Bayesian phylogeography reconstruct migrations and expansions in linguistic evolution?
Mohammadshahi, A., & Henderson, J. (2021). Recursive Non-Autoregressive Graph-to-Graph Transformer for Dependency Parsing with Iterative Refinement. Retrieved from
Matsumae, H., Ranacher, P., Savage, P. E., Blasi, D. E., Currie, T. E., Koganebuchi, K., … Bickel, B. (2021). Exploring correlations in genetic and cultural variation across language families in northeast Asia. Retrieved from
Sato, T., Adachi, N., Kimura, R., Hosomichi, K., Yoneda, M., Oota, H., … Ishida, H. (2021). Whole Genome Sequencing of a 900-year-old Human Skeleton Supports Two Past Migration Events from the Russian Far East to Northern Japan. Retrieved from The data underlying this article are available in the DDBJ Sequence Read Archive (DRA) at (last accessed August 25, 2021), and can be accessed with accession number DRA010743.
Miani, A., Hills, T., & Bangerter, A. (2021). LOCO: The 88-million-word language of conspiracy corpus. Retrieved from
Leroux, M., Bosshard, A. B., Chandia, B., Manser, A., Zuberbühler, K., & Townsend, S. W. (2021). Chimpanzees combine pant hoots with food calls into larger structures.
Le Floch, A., Bouchard, A., Gallot, Q., & Zuberbühler, K. (2021). Lesser spot-nosed monkeys coordinate alarm call production with associated Campbell’s monkeys. Retrieved from
Jing, Y., Blasi, D., & Bickel, B. (2021). Dependency length minimization and its limits: a possible role for a probabilistic version of the Final-Over-Final Condition (to appear in Language).
Hollenstein, N., Pirovano, F., Zhang, C., Jäger, L., & Beinborn, L. (2021). Multilingual Language Models Predict Human Reading Behavior. Retrieved from
Heesen, R., Zuberbühler, K., Bangerter, A., Iglesias, K., Rossano, F., Pajot, A., … Genty, E. (2021). Evidence of joint commitment in great apes’ natural joint actions.
Gönül, G., & Paulus, M. (2021). Children’s reasoning about the efficiency of others’ actions: The development of rational action prediction.
Fröhlich, M., Bartolotta, N., Fryns, C., Wagner, C., Momon, L., Jaffrezic, M., … Schaik, C. P. van. (2021). Wild-captive contrasts in non-vocal communicative repertoires and functional specificity in orang-utans. Retrieved from
Aguirre-Fernández, G., Barbieri, C., Graff, A., Pérez de Arce, J., Moreno, H., & Sánchez-Villagra, M. R. (2021). Cultural macroevolution of musical instruments in South America. Retrieved from
Fröhlich, M., Bartolotta, N., Fryns, C., Wagner, C., Momon, L., Jaffrezic, M., … van Schaik, C. P. (2021). Multicomponent and multisensory communicative acts in orang-utans may serve different functions.
Brügger, R. K., Willems, E. P., & Burkart, J. M. (2021). Do marmosets understand others’ conversations? A thermography approach.
Bonvin, A., Brugger, L., & Berthele, R. (2021). Lexical measures as a proxy for bilingual language dominance? Retrieved from
Widmer, M., Jenny, M., Behr, W., & Bickel, B. (2020). Morphological structure can escape reduction effects from mass admixture of second language speakers. Retrieved from
Watson, S. K., Heesen, R., Hedwig, D., Robbins, M. M., & Townsend, S. W. (2020). An exploration of Menzerath’s law in wild mountain gorilla vocal sequences. Retrieved from
Sokoliuk, R., Degano, G., Banellis, L., Melloni, L., Hayton, T., Sturman, S., … Cruse, D. (2020). Covert Speech Comprehension Predicts Recovery From Acute Unresponsive States. Retrieved from
Watson, S. K., Burkart, J. M., Schapiro, S. J., Lambeth, S. P., Mueller, J. L., & Townsend, S. W. (2020). Nonadjacent dependency processing in monkeys, apes, and humans. Retrieved from
Shorland, G., Genty, E., Guéry, J.-P., & Zuberbühler, K. (2020). Investigating self-recognition in bonobos: mirror exposure reduces looking time to self but not unfamiliar conspecifics.
Shimizu, K. K., Copetti, D., Okada, M., Wicker, T., Tameshige, T., Hatakeyama, M., … Handa, H. (2020). De Novo Genome Assembly of the Japanese Wheat Cultivar Norin 61 Highlights Functional Variation in Flowering Time and Fusarium Resistance Genes in East Asian Genotypes. Retrieved from The data are accessible at IPK, Germany, (last accessed on Dec. 15, 2020), and BLAST server at the National Institute of Genetics, Japan, (last accessed on Dec. 15, 2020). The gene annotation of the Fhb1 locus can be downloaded from
Marchesotti, S., Nicolle, J., Merlet, I., Arnal, L. H., Donoghue, J. P., & Giraud, A.-L. (2020). Selective enhancement of low-gamma activity by tACS improves phonemic processing and reading accuracy in dyslexia. Retrieved from
Hovsepyan, S., Olasagasti, I., & Giraud, A.-L. (2020). Combining predictive coding and neural oscillations enables online syllable recognition in natural speech. Retrieved from
Kurthen, I., Meyer, M., Schlesewsky, M., & Bornkessel-Schlesewsky, I. (2020). Individual differences in peripheral hearing and cognition reveal sentence processing differences in healthy older adults. Retrieved from
Heesen, R., Bangerter, A., Zuberbühler, K., Rossano, F., Iglesias, K., Guéry, J.-P., & Genty, E. (2020). Bonobos engage in joint commitment. Retrieved from All data needed to evaluate the conclusions in the paper are present in the paper and/or the Supplementary Materials
Collier, K., Radford, A. N., Stoll, S., Watson, S. K., Manser, M. B., Bickel, B., & Townsend, S. W. (2020). Dwarf mongoose alarm calls: investigating a complex non-human animal call.
Bangerter, A., Mayor, E., & Knutsen, D. (2020). Lexical entrainment without conceptual pacts? Revisiting the matching task. Retrieved from
Andrieu, J., Penny, S. G., Bouchet, H., Malaivijitnond, S., Reichard, U. H., & Zuberbühler, K. (2020). White-handed gibbons discriminate context-specific song compositions.