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The Education Office of the NCCR Evolving language strives to further and support our Early Career Researchers in their educational journey, through different measures. The main ones are listed here below.

NCCR Colloquium

The NCCR co-hosts a series of talks between the Universities of Geneva (through the Brain & Cognition Seminars), Zurich (through the ISLE Colloquium Series) and Neuchâtel. These talks take place during the Fall and Spring semesters, once per semester in every institution . You can find the next scheduled talks here


Having the opportunity to attend workshops tailored to the ECRs needs is what the NCCR is trying to achieve. Whether it be through writing retreats, grant writing workshops, etc. the education office is always open to suggestion, and organises regular recurrent workshops. 

Annual Schools and Retreats

Every year, the NCCR Evolving Language organises a school/retreat. This week long event is an opportunity to gather all the NCCR members in one place, where new ideas and group cohesion is of utmost importance.