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Master student support grant

Master student support grants up to CHF 5’000 facilitate master’s projects (both in our own and worldwide partner institutions) that contribute concrete research to a specific WPs, off-setting, for example, fieldwork or experimental costs. Grants are awarded by the Directorate.


Application is open to groups of two or more persons (1) who qualify as NCCR members (as defined in the Rules of Procedure, Article 4.16, i.e. principal investigators, internal collaborators, and NCCR-employed researchers) or have been granted Associate Investigator status and (2) are from at least two different disciplines. 


Master Students Support Grants are intended to fund master’s projects in the range of CHF 5’000 for up to 12 months.  The grant can be spent on any type of costs eligible according to the NCCR Budget Guidelines (Section 4)


We currently don’t have any calls for innovation grants.