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Time to socialize – Does the timing of brain development predict prosocial behavior?

Dr. Paola Cerrito and Prof. Dr. Judith Burkart (UZH)


Interdisciplinary Workshop – Zürich November 7-8, 2023

The workshop takes a comparative approach to investigate the presence of shared neurobiological and life-history traits that could help explain the high levels of sociality observed in some primates, specifically humans and marmosets. The organizers, Dr. Paola Cerrito and Prof. Dr. Judith Burkart, aim to bring together clinical and comparative approaches to better understand the role of neurodevelopmental timing and the presence of alloparental care in the evolution of both human social cognition and in the development of disorders such as ASD. This topic will be addressed adopting both an ontogenetic and phylogenetic approach by an interdisciplinary group of international speakers including neuroscientists, evolutionary biologists, psychiatrists and psychologists.

More information on the event on the flyer.