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Media training

There may come a moment when your research will gain the interest of a media. Whether it’s a traditional media (newspaper, radio, tv), a social one or a blog, it’s always interesting to know what and how to communicate about your research. We would be happy to support you in that regard. 

Media training courses SNSF (FR | DE)

Media training courses are aimed at interested researchers in Switzerland who would like to improve their skills in dealing with the media. Academic researchers need to master the craft of writing non-scientific texts for a large number of purposes, such as adapting a research topic for the general public, preparing content for a website or writing press releases. These communication courses are held in German and French. Due to a lack of demand, the English media training will not be continued beyond 2016.

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft Psychologie | Mit den Medien reden: 12 Tipps für den Umgang mit medialer Öffentlichkeit
    German version 
    English version (transl.: Moritz Daum) 
  • Journalists under the microscope of scientists and vice versa
    What are the expectations of researchers and the media in terms of scientific information? In an attempt to answer this question, the scientific communication agency Radar RP organized an online conference on this topic on November 20, 2020. Two journalists, a communication specialist and more than fifty scientists took part in this frank and constructive debate. Link to the reporting