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Pint of Science 2024 in Geneva – The Rhythm of Language and AI

Sarah Saneei and Sandrien van Ommen
Floky La Loutre, Rue de Carouge 44 1205, Geneva

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Explore the fascinating rythmic propertics of our everydays language, and us it to sparks the discussion about the constantly evolving ethics of Atificial Intelligence.

AI Speak Klingon: Bridging Trust with Explainable AI – by Sarah Saneei (University of Geneva)

In this presentation, we embark on an exploration of AI’s ethical landscape, delving into concerns about its trustworthiness and sparking a dialogue on Explainable AI (XAI). While answers may elude us, we unveil ongoing efforts to foster transparency and responsibility. Join us for a concise yet insightful discussion on the evolving ethical challenges within the realm of Artificial Intelligence.
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Listen to the beat – the role of rhythm in language and the brain – by Sandrien van Ommen (Uiversity of Geneva)

Speech has rhythmic properties that widely differ across languages. When we listen to unfamiliar languages, we may perceive them to be more musical, or rather more rap-like than our own. Even if we are unaware of it, the rhythm and melody of language, what we call its prosody, reflects its linguistic structure. As listeners, we use this information to process speech efficiently, but how do we do this? I will discuss rhythmic differences between languages, pseudo-rhythmicity, how our native language warps our perception and how our brain synchronizes with speech.