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Travel Grant Application

Travel Grants are a funding instrument of the NCCR Evolving Language and are intended to financially support NCCR researchers to attend a scientific event. 


Applications are open to anyone at least partially employed by an NCCR-funded project. In order to be eligible for a travel grant, NCCR researchers have to make a peer-reviewed contribution to a scientific event (oral presentation or poster presentation).


NCCR researchers can apply for grants of CHF 500 (travel within Europe) or grants of CHF 1’000 (travel outside Europe). In addition, the following conditions apply:
  • The NCCR Office awards a maximum of one grant per researcher and calendar year.
  • NCCR researchers are obliged to state their affiliation with the NCCR.
  • Applications can only be submitted for events taking place in the current calendar year.
  • NCCR researchers are obliged to travel economy and / or second class. Within Europe, applicants are encouraged to travel by train if their destination can be reached within one working day.
  • Travel grants can only be used to cover (1) travel costs, (2) accommodation costs, and (3) conference fees (including fees for conference dinners).

Application procedure

Applications have to be submitted at least one month prior to the event to the NCCR Office via online form “Application for NCCR Travel Grant” below and have to include the following documents:
  • Detailed cost overview
  • Notification of acceptance of your contribution
  • Proof of NCCR affiliation (Program booklet, Poster, Presentation, etc. with at least the NCCR name or logo)

Reimbursement procedure

Reimbursement claims have to be made no later than two months after an event by using the NCCR reimbursement form.