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Postulez comme Associate Investigator

Associate Investigators (AIs) work on research topics related to the research goals of the NCCR Evolving Language. They are not formal members of the NCCR but are eligible to apply for PI status for phases 2 and/or 3. They can apply for internal grants and can attend project meetings, workshops, summer schools and retreats. 

AI status is awarded by the Steering Committee on the basis of a brief outline of the applicant’s envisioned contribution to the NCCR’s research agenda and his/her potential role within the collaborative research structures (projects/work packages) of the NCCR. This outline should be endorsed by at least two NCCR PIs: one from the applicant’s own research field and one from a different field. Selection criteria include scientific excellence of the proposal and its relevance to  the NCCR research goals as well as the candidate’s track record (publications, grants and similar indicators).

We currently don’t have any calls for Associate Investigators.